Vertically integrated pharmaceutical
company in the Baltic States

«Grindeks» fund "For the Support of Science and Education"

With the aim of unifying the education support projects, previously implemented by the company, and to promote the professional growth and education in engineering, natural sciences and pharmaceutical industry, «Grindeks» set up the fund “For the Support of Science and Education” in 2006.


This is one of the biggest private foundations in Latvia that supports the young professionals of natural sciences, awards gratuities and scholarships not only to students and scientists, but also to educational institutions and training staff. The support of the fund each year is received by those who have confirmed the excellence in different segments of the Latvian education and science. Within the five-year period, the «Grindeks» fund has awarded gratuities, scholarships and supported a variety of promoting projects in the amount of almost half a million lats. This is the kind of contribution that is difficult to assess in a short term, however it is an important investment in the future and the development of Latvia.

Projects supported by the «Grindeks» fund: 

  • Premiums for teachers, higher educational institution’s teaching staff and educational institutions

  • Support for school student participation in the International Chemistry Olympiad

    «Grindeks» is recognizing the importance of supporting the Latvian new talents and has supported the Latvian school student participation in the International Chemistry Olympiads for several years in a row.

  • Contest for Young Scientists

    In 2011, «Grindeks», in cooperation with the National Centre for Education, greeted two pupils for the successful participation and the received chemical Euroforum award at the prestigious 23rd European Union Contest for Young Scientists. The aim of the contest is to encourage interested young people to develop a career in the field of science.