Vertically integrated pharmaceutical
company in the Baltic States

Health promotion

The health of society is an important priority of «Grindeks». The aim of the public health promotion and education is:

  • to build public awareness on use of safe and qualitative medication;
  • patient co-responsibility of health care outcome;
  • promotion of healthy lifestyle;
  • spreading information and knowledge about health.


To carry out the aim of the public health promotion and education «Grindeks» engages in different projects, takes part in exhibitions and conferences devoted to health care, as well as the company has formed “The Small Academy of Cardiology” and “Health School”. «Grindeks» has become a supporter of “Stomach Friends Club” to promote healthy food ideas.


The Small Academy of Cardiology


The Small Academy of Cardiology (MKA®) was established in 2005. Since then «Grindeks» is assembling the industry representatives and experts regularly in order to inform and discuss the modern and effective treatment methods in the field of cardiology. 

maza kardiologijas akademija

In the Academy, the doctors have the opportunity of both listening to the lectures of professionals, as well as visiting the manufacturing units of «Grindeks». The physicians evaluate the arranged manufacturing units of «Grindeks» very highly and their compliance with the European requirements and “Good Manufacturing Practice”, as well as the modern equipment and further development plans.  

«Grindeks» is pleased that the Academy participants are highly evaluating the opportunity of seeing the manufacturing processes onsite, which thus enhances confidence in safety and quality of «Grindeks» medications.   


Stomach Friends Club

«Grindeks» has become a supporter of the “Stomach Friends Club” created in the beginning of 2011, which assembles nutritionists, gastroenterologists, dietologists and infectologists of Latvia – professionals who care about stomach health issues.  

Stress, unhealthy diet and lifestyle are just some of the causes that adversely affect human health in general and result in the stomach problems; therefore “Stomach Friends Club” pays special attention also to the diagnostic field. One of the tasks of the Club is to promote interdisciplinary cooperation, i.e. cooperation between nutritionists, gastroenterologists, dietologists, infectologists and physicians of other areas. 


Health School

Internet is becoming increasingly popular, and its role in everyday life is increasing. Facilitating dialogue with visitors of website grindeks.lv, the company has created the “Health School”, which offers information on various health topics, medical conditions and symptoms, possible solutions for strengthening health and recovery, as well as helpful tips and expert's opinions.  

«Grindeks» cares about the society’s health and quality of life!


«Grindeks» congratulates the alumni of RSU and LU

«Grindeks», in cooperation with Latvian Medical Association and responding to its president’s Peteris Apinis invitation, provided financial support for the publishing of Miervaldis Birze’s book “Quid stas, transit hora!”. As a result of this intention, the books of M. Birze, where the stories, novels and journalism articles devoted to medicine were summarized, were presented to the alumni of Riga Stradins University Medical, Pharmacy, Nursing, Rehabilitation, Public Health and Dentistry Faculties, as well as the alumni of the University of Latvia Medical professional, Nursing master’s and professional, Pharmacy bachelor and master’s and Radiology master’s at the end of the study year 2011/2012. 

M.Birze KSA


Cooperation with Latvian Retirees’ Federation

To encourage the dialogue between the company and society, specifically with the retirees of Latvia, «Grindeks» is cooperating with the Latvian Retirees’ Federation. When signing the cooperation agreement, Chairman of the Board of the company Juris Bundulis put emphasis on how important communication form the direct contact is, therefore the company will be gladly involved in the events organised by the Retirees’ Federation. In its turn, the Chairman of the Latvian Retirees’ Federation Aina Verze, extended appreciation to the company for its responsiveness and initiative on becoming a companion for the retirees of Latvia. 


Pensionaru federacija



«Grindeks» – supporter of International Medical Meeting in Riga (IMM-Riga 2012)International Medical Meeting (IMM-Riga 2012) took place in the University of Latvia in Riga, Latvia. In the IMM, scientists discussed topical medical issues such as disease epidemiology, etiopatogenesis and the latest methods of diagnostics and therapy. There were notable lecturers participating at the conference – a 2008 Nobel laureate in Medicine Harald zur Hausen (Germany), Prof. Andrejs Ērglis, Prof. Andris Rubīns, Prof. Valdis Pīrāgs, Dr.med. Vilnis Dzērve and others.



“Go for Red” Lithuania


Globally the health of the women heart is promoted by the “Go Red” movement, which was launched by the American Heart Association in USA, 2004. The aim of the project was to pay attention to cardiovascular illnesses and to point out the importance of the health of heart in women’s life. «Grindeks» has become a sponsor of the “Go for Red” project in Lithuania. Within the framework of the project, educational seminars are held in the largest bookstores in Lithuania called “Vaga”, where leading cardiologists of Lithuania talk about the women’s cardiovascular prevention.