Vertically integrated pharmaceutical
company in the Baltic States

Supporting growth of the industry specialists

Chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and environmental industries in Latvia have felt the need for competent specialists for a long time already, therefore the employers, including «Grindeks», are helping more actively to develop the content and quality of vocational education, involving in the reorganization of the existing programs and elaboration of the new programs.

«Grindeks», in cooperation with the Olaine Mechanics and Technology College, the Ministry of Education and Science and the State Employment Agency, developed a number of retraining programs in chemical technology, biotechnology and pharmaceutical product sales for the unemployed. These programs focus on promoting employment and providing the industry with skilled labour.

Profession Days for Pupils

In 2010, the «Grindeks» launched a new project “Profession Days for Pupils”. The aim of the project is to stimulate youth's interest in chemistry and career opportunities in the pharmaceutical sector. Pupils from different Latvian cities and country centres get to know the professions of chemist, chemist-technician, chemist-analyst, chemical process technician, technician-analyst, biotechnologist, environmental specialist and pharmaceutical equipment operator, spending a day together with the respective specialist of the selected profession, getting to know the duties, as well as asking questions and receiving answers to the relative issues.