Vertically integrated pharmaceutical
company in the Baltic States

Production technology

Ointment and gel manufacturing unit is equipped with modern and capacious machinery:

  • ointment/gel mass preparation set of equipment from “Vakumix”, Germany;
  • tube filling and packaging equipment set from “IMA”, Italy.

There are two completely independent production stations for the preparation of mass in the Ointment and gel manufacturing unit:

  • for the mass preparation up to 200 kg – is intended for the scale-up of the products, production of validation series, production of series for clinical trials and small production series;
  • ointment/gel mass manufacturing up to 1,000 kg.

Ointments and gels homogenizers are with automatic raw materials’ powder vacuum loading, automatic dispensing of purified water and ethanol, and a process control computer. 

All Ointment and gel manufacturing unit production facilities are classified as “D” class air purity, according to the “Good Manufacturing Practice”.

Ointment/gel mass packaging station consists of:

  • “IMA Comadis” tube filling machine CD180, the possible filling range is 2-250 ml.
  • Two-track scales “Technoeuropa Versa RXM” with feedback and a control computer, ensuring automatic 100% control weighing of filled tubes.
  • Cartooning machine “Flexa CSD” ensures automatic packing of filled tubes into carton boxes with a package leaflet; it is also equipped with batch number’s and expiration date imprinting device, control computer and FARM code readers for cardboard boxes and package leaflets.