Vertically integrated pharmaceutical
company in the Baltic States

Research and Development

«Grindeks» has all required resources to ensure research and development of the both active pharmaceutical ingredients and final dosage medications in compliance with the international quality standards at affordable prices:

  • cGMP, GLP, GCP, eCTD, CTD;

  • modern technologies, laboratories and production facilities;

  • legal competence;

  • 70 highly qualified and competent staff members.


«Grindeks» succeeded in co-operation with Latvian scientific and research institutes as well as with foreign pharmaceutical companies in fulfilment of a number of scientific projects contributing to new substances research and development.

The company's Development department is responsible for:

  • API development;
  • FDF development;
  • Registration.

The Development department is focusing all efforts on fractional product life-cycle parts and improves the process of vertical integration in the development stage between APIs and FDFs.


Eriks Ivanovskis

Deputy Head of R&D Department